About Catarina Lewenhaupt Yates


Catarina is a Swedish artist based in Belgium. Catarina spent her childhood in California, and at the age of 14, moved to Stockholm to complete her education. In 1968 she went to Brussels to work for the Swedish Delegation to the then Common Market, intending to stay for a few years only. However, she married, started a family and has been a permanent resident of Belgium ever since, living in Brussels.


About her art, Catarina explains: “My longing to paint became reality in 1990 when I signed up to several private art courses. In 1993, I enrolled in the Art Academy in Braine-l’Alleud and graduated 10 years later. In this creative environment, I became fascinated by the use of collage in my paintings. I have experimented by pasting everything from nylon stockings, dried seaweed, sand, to all sorts of paper. For transparency I often use tissue paper or very fine Japanese rice paper which I dye with either watercolors or diluted acrylics. Tearing the paper instead of cutting helps to avoid being too precise and also stimulates an element of the unexpected. My ultimate aim and challenge is not to paint or draw on my work. Though I am a figurative artist, I like to integrate abstraction into my paintings, thereby, hopefully achieving a colourful harmony between the two."